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Seamless Gutters

Seamless Gutters

6" K-Style

When you want your home to stay in great condition for years to come, outfitting your home with rain gutters is crucial for protection against water damage. When choosing a new gutter and drainage system for your home, there is always one big decision to make: seamless gutters or sectional gutters. 

Sectional gutters are formed using smaller sections of gutter joined and fastened together at the seams. Seamless gutters are constructed using a specialized gutter machine, often formed right on site. When attached, seamless gutters only have seams at jointed points, usually at the corners of the house.  Sectional gutters are typically purchased at the big box stores and are available in 10 ft. sections

Sectional gutters are appealing because they are a tiny bit less expensive and easier to install.  They make for a quick DIY project even for the novice homeowner.  Seamless gutters, on the other hand, require the use of a specialized machine and often require more than one person as the sections can be too long to handle for just one person.   While seamless gutters cost a little bit more upfront and can require additional manpower , they also offer many benefits over regular gutters. 

Benefits Of Seamless Gutters 

While seamless gutters still have joints around mitered corners and downspouts, they have far fewer joints than traditional sectional gutters. This leads to a host of advantages for the homeowner.

1. Seamless gutters experience fewer clogs, backups, & leaks

The joints and seams of sectional gutters lead to clogs and leaks. Every joint will require the use of fasteners and caulking.  The fasteners can protrude through the gutter and the edges of the fasteners can grab onto leaves and other debris causing blockages.  Large blockages can result in water overflow and uncontrolled runoff that damages the roof, foundation, and landscaping of your home. And the sealant, while necessary, will be a spot that impedes the water flow as the water will be forced to run over the top of the sealant. Along with choosing seamless gutters for your home, you can also consider installing leaf guards to prevent leaves and twigs from clogging your gutters or downspouts.  Moreover, anytime a gutter has a joint where two sections meet, there is the possibility of a future leakage problem. With fewer joints, seamless gutters have a lot less chance of leaking down the road.  Seamless gutters are also typically much stronger than sectional gutters.  Seamless gutters that come from a gutter machine are usually contractor grade and available in .027” and .032” thicknesses.  The sectional gutters that are purchased from the large box stores are typically made from thinner material with a thickness of .024”.  The gutters from the box stores can be more than 20% thinner than the contractor grade gutters and thus will not hold up to the elements over time nearly as well. 

2. Seamless gutters require less maintenance than sectional gutters. 

Because seamless gutters have less joints, they don’t accumulate as much debris as sectional gutters do. This all leads to less time spent on gutter cleaning. All of the seams in the gutters require caulk.  Even the best of sealants will not last forever and will need to be resealed over time.  Sectional gutters, with the seams every 10 ft., will have a lot more seams that need to be sealed which require a lot more maintenance over the life span of the installation.

3. Seamless gutters offer lasting curb appeal & enhance a home’s overall appearance. 

One big benefit of seamless gutters is the lasting beauty and appeal they provide to the home. Many find them more aesthetically appealing than sectional gutters. They are often constructed from aluminum but can also be made from copper and steel as well. Most can be painted to match the home’s exterior. Many also offer a baked-on enamel finish that lasts for years and never requires painting.

4. Seamless gutters offer a perfect fit every time. 

Seamless gutters are shaped from a coil by a seamless gutter machine, usually on site, to match the exact lengths and specifications of the house. Because each seamless gutter system is custom-fashioned for each unique property, homeowners are guaranteed a perfect fit. When gutters fit well, they function well. An expertly-crafted system will offer the performance you need.

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